The Brilliant And Brilliant Celebrations of Chennai

India is known to be a area of variety in every sense, and no area lags behind as far as the celebrations are concerned. Chennai’s awe-inspiring traditional way of life is one that can take your heart away and take you back to your origins. The frustrating ways with which the people are remaining there appreciate these exhibitions and festivals are extensive.

Not only do they let the residents appreciate but it is definitely a food for the visitors as well. It is one of the most desired after vacationer location that functions as an ideal reflection to the amazing traditions, societies and principles Native indian and its area contains within itself. This town follows all the traditions and societies well however it is not to be wrong with the town with traditional and social prevent i.e. it is a contemporary yet traditional accommodations. It is an ideal combination of contemporary way of life as well as traditional principles and traditions. On one side, it is stuffed with historical wats or temples while on the other, you can have fun with the high-rise structure. If on the one side, it represents traditional music and dance; on the contrary, it lets you have fun with the vibrant and powerful night life.

Here are some of the popular festivities and celebrations in Chennai


Pongal is the Native indian form of Christmas event recognized with complete vigour in the south. It represents the end of the normal agriculture season followed by a new starting. Celebrated in the 1 month of Jan, it is the most important event that is recognized over a period of Five times in Chennai. It brings pleasure and satisfaction in the lives of the residents of Chennai living all across the world.

Travel and Journey and leisure Fair

Tourism types a fundamental element of the Native indian economic system on the whole; not to forget that each and every Condition also depends on tourism for making money. Considering the same, the Tamil Nadu Journey and leisure Development Organization organises Journey and Journey and leisure reasonable in the 1 month Jan for the visitors and others to have fun with the rich way of life and culture that Chennai operates with excellent pleasure. It is the right system for all to have fun with the new starting the normal way.

Natyanjali Dancing Festival

Lord Nataraj is worshipped among the dancers’ community in Chennai. The Natyanjanli Dancing event is recognized with excellent fun and fervour to pay honor the cosmic professional dancer Master Nataraj. It is a five-day event that occurs in the 1 month of February-March in Chidambaram, a major town near Chennai.

Karthikai Deepam

A event filled with lighting and fire biscuits recognized on a complete celestial satellite day in the months of November-December.

Vinayak Chaturthi

Chennai worships Master Ganesha or Vinayak the most from among the so many deities being worshipped there. The Vinayak Chaturthi is recognized in the 1 month of Sept and ends on the 10th day by dipping Master Vinayak’s idols in standard water in different standard water bodies across the Condition.

Aruvathimoovar Festival

Another event recognized in the Tamil 1 month of Panguni; it is to honor the 63 Shivite team through a colourful procession of 63 brown sculptures of these team across the roads of Mylapore. The event goes on for 10 times at the Kapaleeshwarar forehead at Mylapore and draws numerous pilgrims from far and near to take part in the same.