Peacock Feathers: Significance, Significance and Uses

Peafowl, which is famously known as “Peacock”, connected to overal Pavo and Afropavo of the Phasianidae family. The fowl is found in two Asiatic varieties (the red peafowl of Indian and Sri Lanka and saving money peafowl of Burma, Indochina, and Java) and one Africa varieties (the Congo peafowl from Congo Basin). The term “peacock” is generally used to signify men bird; while women fowl is known as “peahen”.

Indian varieties have iridescent red and natural plumage, noticeable with human eye like areas. The plumage comprises of end quills and the extremely pointed higher end coverts. The plumage of Native indian peahen has a mixture of brownish, boring greyish and natural. The men fowl in natural peafowl of Burma has natural and silver plumage with black pizza and glow of red. The plumage of natural peahen is similar to that of natural peacock, with only difference of short higher end coverts. The plumes of Congo peacock are smaller than the plumes of Native indian and natural varieties.


The amazing elegance of peacock quills makes them extremely useful and important for different reasons. They are the indication of wonder, elegance, pleasure, reliability, spiritual techniques, perspective, improvement, holiness, security, graciousness and appearance of true shades. In Religious custom, peacock quills are associated with immorality, restorative and revival. Besides this, they also indicate an all-seeing cathedral. They are also important in eliminating adverse and dangerous efforts.


These spectacular quills have several uses. The most popular use of these quills is for attractive objective. They are substantially used to give unique look to any environment or place; therefore, used for home, marriage and celebration design. With regards to design, they are used in the way of plant flower vases, night light, cushions, artwork, and many more.These plumes are fantastic for designed marriage and celebration. As an awesome concept for marriage, they are used to create marriage outfit and aroma, and to embellish marriage position, desk configurations and dessert. Also, they are used to create decorations for attractive environment. Besides design, they are used to create and design

• Stylish outfits and dresses

• Components (like bracelets, ear-rings, ear cuffs, neckpieces, etc.)

• Footwear

• Art items

• Millinery applications

• Bouquets

• Stylish bags

• Clutches

Additionally, peacock quills are used in the way of tattoo designs. They are made on any practical part of the body like hand, back throat, hands, feet, etc. For all these useful reasons, these down are purchased from different shops in large. These general peacock down are provided in natural colour as well as in colored and overdyed shades to add more beautify, wonder and flamboyance to any position or product.